Our Web Design Services

We offer a range of web design related services here at Rob Mac Design. On this page you will find details of all of our standard services. As we are very flexible in the way we operate, should you require a service which does not fall under one of the headings beneath, please contact us with details.

Web Design

Of all the services we offer, Web design is our speciality, first and foremost. Our experience and skills enable us to produce websites to fit a vast array of different scenarios. Whether that's a website for a new company, a redesign of an existing site or creating a database driven e-commerce facility to take your company into the world of online sales, we have the knowledge to provide the perfect solution.

After you have made the initial contact, we will normally arrange a meeting at which point we would discuss your project and your requirements. We will also use our experience at this point to help advise you on what may or may not be feasible. When we have the full scope of the project, we will look at it in more depth and put a proposal together. This proposal, will include the full details of our understanding of the project, and will specify a price and time schedule. The decision is then up to you as it is not our policy to continually chase our clients. We are always there, however, to discuss any aspects of the proposal should you need further clarification.

With all of our website projects we do not concentrate on just the design aspect. We will also ensure every site we build is compatible across all major web browsers, the site will be fully validated to the standards as set out by the World Wide Web Consortium and will also come readily optimised for search engines. That way, when you choose us to undertake your project, you know it is web-ready from all aspects.

It has always been our policy to allow our work to speak for us. Rather than launching into a sales pitch about what we can achieve, we find it is far better to point our clients in the direction of our portfolio page, and see for themselves what we can do.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact us.

Website Coding

Our website coding service is aimed at owners of an existing site. There is more to a website than can be seen by the end user. In fact, a website, as with many other things is often compared to an iceberg in that there is much more to it than what can be seen above the surface.

Although a website may appear ok at first glance, when we delve into the HTML code behind the site, we can often see it is badly written, and can often be incomplete. If you know nothing about HTML coding, but are interested to see whether your site is well coded, try entering your domain at the following link http://validator.w3.org/. If there are errors in the way the code is written, they will be numbered and displayed. Obviously, a well coded site will not have any errors.

Coding problems generally arise where software has been used to generate it. These software packagaes known as WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Editors, basically allow the user to design a web page and the software will create the code accordingly. This sounds good in theory, but the reality is quite different. Most companies would not release badly written documents, so why should your website be any different?

For more information about website coding, please contact us.

Domain Registration and Hosting

For all our website projects, if not already arranged we can make all arrangements for you for website hosting and domain registration. Our rates are very competitive and the service offered is first class. We work very closely with a local hosting company who own and are in complete control of their own servers. Many web design firms will offer hosting packages which are simply re-seller accounts, and ultimately do not allow for as much flexibility.

There are a number of different hosting options available, all tailored to suit different needs. These can be looked at when discussing any website project.

Please contact us for more information.

Website Redesign

Some of our clients already have an existing website, but it may be a few years old and in need of a refresh. We can take a look at a site and come up with a new design, using the existing content. Our service in this respect differs only slightly from our standard web design service in that, there will be less information required from yourselves, as the majority of it should already exist.

We will ensure you receive all the benefits of our standard web-design service such as cross browser compliance and search engine optimisation.

To arrange a review of your existing site, please contact us.